What to do if you forget the code to unlock the display on Android

Nowadays constantly working with codes and passwords. This we need if we want to keep your personal data away from malicious people. The problem is that the combination of random words, letters and characters makes remembering all those passwords very difficult task.

You can not unlock your Android smartphone? Do not worry!There are many ways to reset the password and restore access to our devices. If you wondered what to do if you forget the code to unlock the screen in Android, see the tips of PC Mag. Here are the best ways to get out of this unpleasant situation.

1. Reset combination with the locking Android phone using your Google Account

The Android built-in security measure that allows you to bypass and reset the combination to unlock the screen and access your Google account. But for your device must be connected to the Internet. Enter the wrong combination several times and you will see a new option "Forgot pattern". Tap on it.Enter your username and password to log into your device.

2. Reset the device

Unfortunately, if your device is not connected to the Internet you can use the above method. The possibility remains for you to return to the factory settings on your device. There are several ways to do this. There are models that automatically restoring factory settings if the password, PIN code or unlock is entered incorrectly a certain period of time - usually 10 attempts.