Facebook improves Extra "Year in Review"

Facebook confuse sinister Extra "Year in Review" brand 2014.In her photographs not only the amount suggested for the bad memories and emotions of the majority of users, but despite them she ended with "It's been a great year" (it was a great year), regardless of the content of "greeting". With "Year in Review 2015" But Mark Zuckerberg and company aim to correct last year's omissions. For example, this year consumers will be able to automatically block photos you do not want to be part of "greeting".
According to Techcrunch "Year in Review 2015" uses the same filters as another proposal on Facebook - "On This Day" (on that day). On the topic Facebook spokesman said: "(this year) will show photos that contain heavy moments or" tagged "former halves. We will not show and photographs that have been blocked by users or added to the" On This Day "." In addition, Facebook added an option that will allow the users to rearrange photos to be available for their friends. Practically you can replace any photos, constituting selected from Facebook set. If the filters work the way that promises Facebook, this year social network probably will not need to apologize to their already over one billion consumers.