Samsung reserve exclusivity for the most powerful mobile graphics chip

It is expected that Samsung's Galaxy S7 be sold in two versions, one of which will include a new chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. But it seems that the Korean giant would be the only one who will benefit from the services of powerful mobile chip. At least initially.Snapdragon 820 for 2016. Snapdragon 820 provides a significant increase in productivity compared to the previous version, which is not at the expense of energy consumption and probably Samsung aims to use such exclusivity as a marketing gimmick. Galaxy S7 should be officially presented during or around Mobile World Congress in February. A sales start in March. Besides powerful chip of Qualcomm, next FLAGSHIP a Samsung will have a display that would recognize different levels of pressure (similar to 3D Touch of Apple) and high-speed USB Type-C port through which users can load much faster turn phone. Of course, the camera will also be greatly improved (mostly photographs in low light).
According to Chinese media cited by GSM Arena, Samsung will have complete exclusivity over the use of Snapdragon 820 until April next year.Thus, during the first three months of 2016 no other company will begin sales of the devices relying on SoC-but of Qualcomm. Currently circulating rumors that Sony is preparing two handsets with