Hackers have discovered gaps in the German system of bank cards

Participants at the hacker conference in Hamburg today announced that they have found serious weaknesses in the security of debit and prepaid cards in the German banking system. This computer experts warned Karsten Nohl and Fabian Brauenlayn company "Sikariti Research Labs" during the largest hacking forum, which opened yesterday in the northern German city.
Knoll and Brauenlayn showcase several thousand expert audience in Hamburg how to read personal identification numbers of debit and prepaid cards. They did show how can bring EUR 15 prepaid card company for mobile services and to intercept payments to another account. Around 12,000 hackers and online activists gathered in Hamburg for its annual conference "Congress of communication chaos," dedicated to Internet security and freedom of expression in the digital age. Within this year's 32nd Congress 200 speakers and organizations will present their projects in a series of workshops and lectures in the next four days.