Dronov will be managed via Twitter

Capture, make video perched - these are some of the commands that users of the social network will be forwarded directly to the unmanned machines. Twitter is a social network filed a patent application that describes a unique management technology Dronov.
It is envisaged that commands Dronov not be submitted by remote control, and via messages from Twitter. For example, using tweets, users will be able to issue commands to perform certain actions on the drone, incl.shooting, video recording or landing associated with specific coordinates, reported CNET. Received footage of the shooting will be published immediately on Twitter. The social network still has no plans to create its own drone, unlike Google and Amazon, which already have several full-size, full prototype drones. Dronov will be able to interpret commands in not only new messages, but also Chamomile, re-tweets and respond to messages. In one possible scenario, the drone can be sent to major sporting event of the outdoor stadium where do video recording. Another feature is shooting Self - please drones will fly to the closest distance to its owner and filming it. After many incidents Dronov, the United States introduced rules for their registration and use, which went into effect this month. Registered subject all Dronov weighing more than 250 grams, and their owners. Failure to do so will cost fines and even jail offenders.