Leaked personal data of 191 million. Voters in the US

The database contains full names and addresses, phone numbers, emails, ID-minute polling, voting preferences and other valuable information. One of the biggest leak in the history of the data was revealed by information security specialist Chris Vickery. The personal data of more than 191 million Americans are kept open access on the Internet alerted Informative security expert Chris Vickery.
This is one of the largest in the history of leaks of personal data. The database contains the full names and addresses of American voters, date of birth, telephone number, email address, details of political bias, ID electoral history of voting since 2000 and an estimate for voting in the upcoming presidential elections. Vickery argues that the base includes data for all US residents who have voted at least once since 2000. He included in the database confirms that it is reliable. No data for basic documents of American citizens - driving licenses and social security cards. However, there is information about uchastiieto voters in the work of law enforcement, incl. strukteri power. Chris Vickery examines basis with experts in data leakage from DataBreaches.net. But so far there has been definite culprit for leaks. It is assumed that this is the company NationBuilder, which develops software for elections. NationBuilder argues that IP-it, which was published databasebelongs to neither the company nor its customers. The case isuvedemeni FBI and other agencies that conductinvestigations. Earlier independent security expert Chris Vickery found on the Internet base with the personal data of 13 million. Users ofantivirus MacKeeper, designed for Mac computers. He also argues that the Internet is under open access data for 30,000users of MongoDB, because of misconfigured settings.