Thousands of prisoners released because of a software error

3,200 prisoners were released in the US early in the period since 2002, because of an error in software support, acknowledged Washington office responsible for the management of prisons. Also reduced the duration of stay in jail another 3,100 people who are still serving their sentences.
According to a publication in the Seattle Times, the mean reduction in prison as a result of the software error is 55 days. The problem came to light when the family of the victims refer to the authorities asking why the offender is paroled. The administration in Washington is aware of the mistake from 2012, but did not inform the public, incurring the wrath of the Governor of the state, who learned about it only now and defines the case as inadmissible. Expected in early January problem in the software be removed.He is currently suspended the release of prisoners whose termscan be calculated incorrectly by the software, the processing is done manually. While an investigation is ongoing.