CeBIT 2016 will be the kingdom of clouds drones, IoT and security solutions

With its focus on the "digitization" of business, industry, markets, public administration, society and humanity as a whole this year at CeBIT itself the ambitious task to cover virtually every aspect of the so-called. "Digital transformation". The result of these efforts emerged as quite interesting for both companies and individual users. See what else we can expect from the show in Hanover in mid-March. 2016-a started with a very strong technological fair in the face of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Judging by the rapid progress of mobile technologies, starting on February 22 Mobile Congress in Barcelona (MWC 2016) seems also will not let us be bored. But surely we can say that in mid-March in Hannover will be quite "hot" and interesting place for IT business and for all fans of modern computer and communication technologies. For although to CeBIT 2016 to remain for about seven weeks, the exhibition, which will run from 14 to 18 March is already shaping up as quite strong forum. We were able to obtain personally in this last week - Preview event specially organized press release from Deutsche Messe. Here's what we learned there.

Digital transformation in all its forms

With its focus on so-called. "Digitization" of business and markets, government and public administration and society as a whole in March CeBIT will try to defend its claims that it is the only trade show in the world, covering virtually every aspect of the change in our lifestyle and work known in IT circles as "digital transformation".  In fact, the main theme this year is focused on the so-called."Dikonomika" (digital economy), while the main aspects that will be considered are few and covers leading trends, the implementation will see this year as in the corporate segment and in technology for everyday use, used by all of us: by ranging from the ubiquitous "Internet of things" (IoT) and ending with topics such as Internet security, data protection, cloud solutions, portable devices and even some non-traditional, but more interesting types of air ... um ... transport, which are drones.

The topic "Internet of Things"

(IoT) will be among the leaders at CeBIT 2016 and this is not accidental. Because this concept is not just a fashion to which the IT industry will rely on generating revenue. In fact, this phenomenon is a major catalyst for the ongoing change in every segment of the economy. Analysts are unanimous on this issue and more of their research predict that soon it will cover about 50 billion connected devices, including tablets, smartphones and all sorts of PC systems. The importance of this trend is reflected in the plans for the exhibition, which provides IoT solutions to be separated across Pavilion - this number 13. There, visitors can see just about everything interesting that happens in the segment to date - solutions for managing smart cities, as in March will present the company as ZTE, a special IoT hubs with a high degree of protection (Eurotech) and a full portfolio of products IoT what has the Chinese giant Huawei.

Cloudy, with software and servers

Along the internet of things, and without him, the clouds prosper and "orbs" everywhere in the IT sector, so this year CeBIT 2016 is shaping up as quite cloudy exposure. And it is only natural given the fact that the market has matured a lot since the first commercial cloud solutions. Now talking about the massification and accessibility for literally everyone, for business, according to a recent survey of 5,000 executives, this trend will be among the most important of the year.  This, of course, is reflected in this year's CeBIT Fair 2016 where their cloud solutions will present many leading companies in the meal as Deutsche Telekom, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Software AG, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and others.
Meanwhile, increasingly sophisticated cloud services and "big data" collected from billions of IoT devices increase the requirements not only to the network infrastructure, but also to data centers. And the value of this segment is estimated at many billions of dollars of investments in it are also growing exponentially. This means that there is nothing to be shown, so this year the organizers at CeBIT cooperate with Datacenter Dynamics, to create, in their words, "the greatest Data Center event in the world." It will be held in Hall 12 and will cover both facing decisions in the field and 5-day conference with two separate scenes and lectured on various topics, including OpenStack, physical security, server technology solutions for fault tolerance and energy efficiency.

The new faces of collective and personal protection

Trends such as the Internet of things, cloud and big data inevitably bring with them and challenges related to trust and security. This is reflected in the growing number of investment and what new solutions in the field of physical security systems, and in these cyber defense. Win indication of the importance of this topic will be more than 500 companies will exhibit their work in Business Security area, positioned in Halle 6.
Cryptomato was created by students open source solution providing an easy and completely free way to encrypt and protect data upload in cloud repositories. And there will be seen as aimed at business security solutions, such as new security solutions to honor its 30th anniversary German developer G Data, and targeted at individual consumers products. A great example of this is the innovative open-source development Cryptomator, designed to encrypt and protect the data that users keep in cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and others. This solution is an excellent example of the fact that personal data protection can be an easy, efficient and completely free. When does it comes to security solutions of the future, it is likely to find them in environments that deal with "biohaking" or "bodihaking." No, seriously, according to some specialists, one as big as a grain of rice chip implanted in his hand, could soon be a much better solution for electronic payment and access control of all that technology have offered so far. It is certain Swedish hi-tech activist Hannes Sdzhoblad (Hannes Sjoblad), who believes in that connected human body also has pride of place in the future IoT world. And in the end really it is not really surprising that still use access control basic metal keys - almost the same with any unlocked doors and Romans? ... Swedish high-tech activist and biohaker Sdzhoblad Hanes believes that in future electronic payment systems, access control and many other areas belongs to the implants.

Drones with real flying start

However, if there is something that will make this year at CeBIT truly unique, these are drones - flying machines, which despite its seeming simplicity many consider to transport technology with a bright future and many useful applications. Indeed, even now drones are a multitude of new business models and interesting initiatives in various industrial fields such as logistics, agriculture, public administration, security and whatnot.
And at the fairgrounds in Hanover in March drones will probably be hundreds, if not thousands, because the organizers at CeBIT apparently unmanned flying machines take much to heart. In fact, the exhibition for the first time will be held and a specialized forum for drones called "DRONEMASTERS Summit @ CeBIT", jointly organized by enthusiasts from Berlin club Dronemasters. If you stop by to this flying part of the show, be sure to note also the inflatable "air photographer" Skye, developed by students at the Swiss Institute of Technology ETH Zurich, or Wingtra - original and quite capable hybrid drone of former students from the same university. Inflatable "air photographer" Skye may look like a hypertrophied basketball, but there are at least two significant advantages over standard quadcopter drones - safer for people at the bottom and can stay in the air much longer ...  
... And Wingtra, whose prototype you see in the picture, landing everywhere as quadcopter but fly fast and far as airplane. ... And that's not all
To summarize briefly, at CeBIT 2016, which will be held in mid-March, has emerged as a true kingdom of clouds drones, IoT and security solutions. Of course, it would be highly inaccurate to say that the show in Hannover will cover only those four areas. It has always been oriented rather extensive range of ICT areas and business aspects, and certainly it will be this year. In any case, business people from all segments of the IT industry will surely find something for themselves in the fairgrounds in Hanover in March. In this show will certainly not be of interest only to corporations and large companies, as expected at CeBIT 2016 to contribute at least 350 startups from around the world ready to showcase their original work and share experiences. Quite know-how will surely be widespread and events of the conference program of the CeBIT Global Conferences, so expectations for this year's ICT exhibition are definitely bigger. Well, soon we will find out whether they are justified ...