Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo may soon take the crown to Apple

Parent company Google - Alphabet, this month managed to overtake Apple as the highest valued public company in the world - more than 550 bln. Dollars. In the long term, however, the Giants may encounter difficulties remain dominant because of increasing competition from China, writes in his analysis Financial Times. If you pay attention to the fall in stock prices over the past few months, the dominance of Google can be maintained, while Apple's shares sink. Analysts are more pessimistic about the growth potential of the manufacturer of the iPhone in markets that are close to its saturation. Apple has one-seventh of the global smartphone market, ranking only after Samsung. Two-thirds of Apple's sales take place outside the US, and in these markets the iPhone faces significant competition from cheaper brands. On the next places in the ranking of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world rank names from China - Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo. The global market share to Samsung shrank by one-third to one-fifth in just three years, while Chinese competitors gained strength.
Although search engines do not face such market saturation as smartphones dominance of Alphabet also could be challenged. More than half of the company's business is positioned outside the United States and its largest product so far is Google, which enjoys a two-thirds of the market for desktop search engines in the world. Second, Bing na Microsoft, followed by the Chinese Baidu. These percentages are reversed in China. In the second largest economy in the world Baidu has 70% market share and about 600 million. Monthly active users, which is less than half the population of the country. Half China has Internet access and hundreds of millions of Chinese are to become online users. USA reached this level 15 years ago, and now 90% of people out there surfing the Internet.