Apple will abandon the Caps Lock key on the keyboard and replace it with a key for emoticons

Have Caps Lock is used too often and need to include modes for entering text in all capital letters. If you need to do something, it is to emphasize the importance of a letter or word.
Rarely requires the introduction of all the text in capital letters and small text is not enough to hold down the key Shift. Apple filed a patent application describing a new keyboard without key Caps Lock. The tech giant proposed that it be replaced with a new key for entering emoticons. The new keyboard is simply called Smart Keyboard. In the illustrations to the new patent Apple has shown a keyboard with a different arrangement of keys. Besides key input emoticons in new keyboard placed button to send information on social networks and key for quick search of information. The new keys are dependent on context and can perform a slightly different function depending on the running application. Apple's experts considered that if consumers have the Shift key and do not use often Caps Lock, then this key is not needed and can be removed and in its place to put something more useful.