Valve train artificial intelligence to reveal cheaters in Counter-Strike

The worst is when you have taken of your time to play Counter-Strike, only to be killed suddenly by a player who "magically" behead all. Apparently he cheats, but why Valve is not doing anything about it? According to the company, things are complicated, but working on a new system to identify the killers of fun.
The reason Valve no longer operate the system against fraud Overwatch (not to be confused with the game) and incorporate into her software automatically detecting fraud as spinbotove is explained by the company:
"Bad news. All codes aimed at identifying spinbotove leads to war of fingers and keys between us and fraudsters - after a certain time they found a way to bypass restrictions and the problem is back. " 
However, Valve has a new solution - adaptation of computers and artificial intelligence. The method is extremely flexible compared to other automated means and with it the systems collect data and analyze behavior, thus adjust their own behavior over time. So far, however, it is difficult to apply for a game like Counter-Strike and still applies in preliminary tests. Valve explained:
"The process of debriefing, training and classification of information to gamers require powerful hardware, so that servers can not perform this task. Millions of CS: GO matches are played every day, so to keep up with the calculations, the system should work with the perspective of each player from each battle. This requires control center controlling thousands of processor cores. "
Not yet know when the mechanism artificial intelligence will be put into practical work and yet to know when Valve will reveal more details about it.