Microsoft delayed the February updates for Windows

Yesterday was the second Tuesday of the month, which means that Microsoft had to issue a regular update packages for Windows and related products, but it did not happen. The company apologized to users that occurred last minute situation has led them to delay the release of the February updates. "Our top priority is to provide the best possible experience for our users in the protection and maintenance of their systems. This month we found a last minute problem that can adversely affect some users. This issue was not resolved in time for the planned release of updates today, "explained from Microsoft. Last month, the company published only four bulletins, one of which was related to problems with Flash. It is unclear how many ballots will be this month, but many are hoping that this will be included patch for the recently discovered problem with the way processing an SMB traffic that could lead to failure to deliver usluga. Probably know by this month, the company terminated the publication of traditional security bulletins, replacing them with online database is named security Updates Guide. The company recently introduced a new process for delivering updates that includes Monthly Rollup package containing as security updates and side updates, preview Monthly Rollup package with updates aimed only to the security of the system. And to reduce the size of the latest package updates for Internet Explorer this month will be available as a standalone update. The solution to this was prompted by the request of users who have requested to provide greater flexibility, allowing them to impose patches for Windows and those for Internet Explorer.