Britain determined to schedule the release of 5G network

The regulator of telecommunications in the UK determine a schedule release of 5G services in the UK by 2020, the first test should start next year. This writes Financial Times. By Ofcom announced this information in the antechambers of the scheduled for the current year tender for radio frequencies, which should relieve some of the spectrum needed to launch high-speed 5G network. The technical standards, regulating the work of the new technology is still under development, it is expected that they will be able to bring users faster and more reliable access to broadband and to ensure maintenance of countless related devices - ranging from street lamps and self-propelled vehicles to cardiac sensors that can be combined under the name "Internet of things". Countries such as South Korea and China accelerate the launch of 5G technology - this should not happen until 2019. UK Chancellor Philip Hammond said he sees the UK as a world leader in 5G sector and the EU predicts that the launch of the network for high-speed data will provide 2025 economic growth at a level of 113 bln.
Dollars.However, some industry representatives are wondering whether it is highly revalued value of 5G technology and telecommunications companies really worth it to spend billions of pounds to purchase equipment for new networks. You what opinion you have about it?