The next expansion pack for Path of Exile will include six new parts

Grinding Gear Games announced the largest expansion of its title F2P RPG Path of Exile. The Fall of Oriath will feature Six action, starting with Act 5, which takes you to a completely different location - emblematic Oriana from which your character has been banished. Actions 6 to 9 will take you to places already familiar to you, but here you will meet new bosses and visit the new shelters. The last act - Act 10 - returns to Oriana last battle. Your main battles in this addition to the game will have the gods after winning each of them you will gain their strength. Thanks to the Pantheon, those defensive bonuses will be scattered throughout the city to prepare your character for future battles. Along with this you can expect new artifacts upgrades and bonuses. There will be many other features. The Fall of Oriath arrives in June or July and is expected beta testing its launch in late May.