AT & T became a platinum member in the Linux Foundation and open source the ECOMP

Nonprofit Linux Foundation, leading the wide range of activities associated with Linux, announced joining the company AT & T, which received the status of platinum participant. Platinum players are entitled to their representatives on the board of directors of the Linux Foundation, paying at this annual contribution of $ 500 000. Under the new partnership with the Linux Foundation, the company AT & T opened the source code of ECOMP (Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy), which will be distributed with Apache 2.0 license.

This platform has several million lines of source code and position itself as a network operating system for development of software configurable networks (SDN, Software-Defined Networking), where network management is separated from the flow of data exchange and is configured by software means. The aim of this project is the creation of services for the design, creation, maintenance and monitoring of virtual networking features (VNF, Virtual Network Functions). AT & T presented numerous examples based on ECOMP and build on the electron clouds of virtual DNS.
The platinum participant in the Linux Foundation must pay an annual contribution of $ 500 000, while gold is annual contribution $ 100 000 Silver participant has annual contribution of $ 000 5-20 year.