Russia blocked social network LinkedIn is beginning to pay taxes

The social network LinkedIn late last year publicly refused the implementation of the norms of the Russian legislation. But now it seems that priorities have changed and LinkedIn are registered with the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation to pay taxes. Thus LinkedIn became one of the 128 companies from April 25 this year will begin to pay taxes in Russia. That LinkedIn is registered in the tax office does not mean that its blocking of Roskomnadzor will be terminated. This will happen once the social network begins to fulfill the requirements of the legislation.
Although LinkedIn is officially blocked in Russia and that members of its leadership vow not to give in to Russian regulators, LinkedIn took the first steps to restore full performance of the online service. A press service of the social network announced that "LinkedIn as before will be available in Russian, and we hope that in the near future we will be able to restore the operation of this service." 
The story of the blocking of LinkedIn in Russia began in mid-2016 when Roskomnadzor filed against her lawsuit for violation of Russian law for the collection, recording, storage and processing of personal data of Russian inhabitants.