Boom in use on Apple devices in business

BlackBerry has long been the preferred brand in corporate environments, but the descent of the stage company opened a gap that Apple's ready to fill. At least that show data analysis company Jamf, which makes business software for the devices to the US company. The main conclusion of the report it is that as the share of iOS, and Mac in the corporate sector has grown quite last year.
Collecting data from 300 managers and senior officials from companies, some of which are more than 10 000 employees, Jamf concluded that 91 percent of enterprise organizations already use Mac. The percentage is extremely high and shows the credibility of the products of Apple, especially considering that 44 percent of organizations give their employees a choice between Mac and PC. 71 percent of companies allow their employees to choose between phones with Android and iO and again the vast majority of them prefer smart phone from Apple. The reasons that organizations indicate the choice to iOS and Mac are related to security, maintenance, integration and ease of installation. For example, IBM now has almost 100,000 Mac machines, after giving this option to their employees in 2015.