Protective companies comment on the revelations of Wikileaks

This week it became clear that the National Security Agency of the United States is not the only American secret service, overseeing communications and data of Internet users. Wikieaks keep its promise of early last month and published another portion of secret information leaked to the people of Julian Assange unknown channels. The site publishes more than 8.7 thousand. Document showing that the CIA has had and has spent a huge amount of hacking tools compromised communications, Internet services and electronic devices of different nature. Wikileaks publish summary information on the tools of the CIA, but no exploit code coming to them from security measures. However, the description of the methods available and the companies concerned issued a comment on them. For example, one of the most interesting methods of management - t. Pomegranate. Fake-off, in which agents can monitor their objectives through smart TVs, managing to deceive their users that are excluded, proved that was no longer active after revelation with Samsung. Another highlight of the findings was the possibility of compromised products for antivirus protection. Kaspersky, Avira, ESET, Comodo, AVAST and others. In an interview SecurityWeek several of these companies comment on the findings. It is clear that these methods are likely to exploit weaknesses in the products are obsolete. For example, Kaspersky's representative testified that one method is associated with a vulnerability in the company's product, which was blocked back in 2009, and another - at the end of 2015. "All current solutions Kaspersky Lab undergo mandatory testing against these vulnerabilities before release. The products mentioned in the information from Wikileaks (KIS 7, KIS 8, WKSTN MP3) are old versions of our security solutions and are not supported for several years, "said in an email to media by the Russian company. Another company protection - Comodo - also testified that said method to conceal malicious code from its products was no longer working. It comes to avoiding detection of malware by Comodo hiding it in the trash (Recycle Bin). This method assures the company is not working against Comodo products of at least four years. "What we see in the leaked documents were desperate attempts to create a method, step by step, with the ultimate aim of achieving full overcome security by finding a vulnerability for the core of the system. But in their email, as you can see in the case of Comodo, they have failed, "said Melih Abdulhayoglu, founder and CEO of Comodo. From Microsoft, in turn, whose products and EMET Security Essentials also mentioned, stated that currently exploring the probability of overcoming the protection of their software. By F-Secure ensure that the said method to overcome defense mechanisms DeepGuard and Security Cloud also not working. As for Avira said method to avoid detection of malware by the company's products, the German company recognizes the validity of vulnerability, but they classify it as insignificant. By ESET testify that method to overcome their defense is also well known and has long corrupted. Regarding the widespread media news that the CIA managed to compromise the security provided by the application of secure communication Signal, from Whisper Systems said it is not true in themselves leaked documents mention the possibility of compromising the device and receiving thus access to the secure communication.