Gamers wagered Zelda: Breath of the Wild in less than an hour

Less than two weeks after its release, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is played through in less than an hour from three gamers. Initially, the user gymnast86 released a video on YouTube, which ends the game time of 58 minutes and one second - this is relatively shorter than the first scroll. A day later Venick409 also tried to turn the game on max speed, managing time of 54 minutes and five seconds, thus achieved a world record. The third gamer, Orcastraw, try to improve the record, but did not achieve his goal as complete after 58 minutes and 6 seconds.
Orcastraw is the consumer who on the day of issue played a Zelda of 3:39:39. These results are incomplete number of rates, ie the completion of the history of the game and defeating the final boss. But for the time players are different at first play with more than two hours? It seems there is little fraud involved. And Venick409, and Orcastraw used Amiibo figures from Smash Bors. Twilight Link package that add additions to the game. For a start player gets a horse Epona, which is considered the fastest in the world of Zelda and shortened several times travel time (more so initially you will need to look for a horse, while Epona is not available by default . According to fans, the use of Amiibo figures must enter into any other classification, as they are in violation of the (unwritten) rules of the game. But others acquisition of time is negligible. Venick409 itself that the presence of Epona is saved only 40-50 seconds and even played on Nintendo Switch, which saves another 31 seconds. Now has published results of flips of The Legend of Zelda in