Robot Apple Liam disassembled iPhone and pulls gold and platinum

Last year, Apple announced its robotic Liam, who disassemble the iPhone spare parts that can be reused. Disassembly of a smartphone going for 11 seconds, and now Businessinsider added that the robot not only disassembled iPhone, but derives its rare metals. Liam robot was created about three years. It is specially designed and created for quick disassembly of the iPhone parts, many of which will be transformed into something else. So far, such devices are installed and used in California and the Netherlands, but expect them to occur in other countries.
Liam One can dismantle about 1.2 million iPhone 6 year old. This seems quite a few, but in 2017 sold about 211 million iPhone. Obviously, it disassembled and used only a small part of smartphones from Apple.10 000 disassembled smartphone Liam subtract 190 kg aluminum, 80 kg of honey, 130 grams of gold, 40 grams platinum, 70 grams silver, 5.5 kg and 2.4 kg tin rare earths.