Here are the exact sizes of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus

Apple gradually increases the size of its iPhone models, which somewhat diverges brand fans - while some take on larger phones, others are used to smaller ones. 
What's going to be the gauges of the new iPhone 7s and 7s Plus talks in June, and now approaching the premiere, we already have the most accurate information. 
If you expect more serious change, this is not the case. The dimensions are in fact identical to speculation already exported, and there is a minimal increase over the already outgoing generation. 
So here is what the ruler says:
IPhone 7 Height 138.3 Width 67.1 Thickness 7.1
IPhone 7s Height 138.44 Width 67.26 Thickness 7.21
IPhone 7 Plus Height 158.2 Width 77.9 Thickness 7.3
IPhone 7s Plus Height 158.37 Width 78.1 Thickness 7.41
Considering that neither iPhone 7s nor 7s Plus will get a bigger screen this fall, the surrounds around the displays will not change. Why then Apple increases, albeit with little, the size - we will understand on September 12th.

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