Tim Cook received an $ 89.2 million bonus from Apple

Apple's CEO received a generous reward for her work - 560,000 Apple shares, half of which are directly related to the company's economic performance. Bloomberg noted that this is the remuneration provided under Apple's long-term compensation program, jargonically called by the "Golden Chains" media. Shares were shuffled on August 24 when one share cost $ 159.27. By transferring the shares into their cash equivalent, it is obvious that Cook earned some $ 89.2 million. This is the fourth such premium for Tim Cook after taking over Apple's 2011 leadership. Over the last three years, Apple's shares have risen more than other S & P 500 companies. It is for these successes that Cook received the second part of his premium. The first part of the bonus given to Cook on August 24th is the mandatory reward for Apple's CEO. Bloomberg noted that after publishing the financial statement for the third quarter of the 2017 financial year showing a steady growth in all key financial ratios, Apple shares posted another 6.5% growth and the price per share reached $ 159.75.

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