Iranian takes Uber

What is the answer to the charges of sexism and aggressive management in Uber - to put a foreigner at the head of the company. 48-year-old Iranian Dara Horšovciah became Uber's new CEO and is in charge of bringing the leading shipment company out of the crisis she was in. Horsoshahi is a former head of the Expedia travel company and the board of directors has stopped after long talks. Initially the decision was made known to Uber's employees, after which the information was made public. The Iranian is called upon to create a more favorable image of Uber after the aggressive management of Travis Calanic.
He was released from office in June when shareholders holding 40 percent of the shares in the company drew up a letter asking him to leave. The reasons were mentioned about his managerial style and the behavior of senior executives. The name of Horsovashahi has not been mentioned so far, and the favorites of the post were General Electric's chairman Jeff Immelt and Hewlett Packard's chief Meg Whitman. Obviously, however, ethnicity in the case has played no less role than managerial skills.

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