Midea Group intends to incorporate digital currency chip chips into household appliances

Midea Group, one of China's largest domestic home appliance manufacturers, filed a patent application describing a method of extracting cryptocell from home appliances. The patent application filed at China's State Department of Intellectual Property (SIPO) describes "the production of household electrical appliances with built-in digital mining functionality". cryptocell extraction chips. The devices will be plugged into a separate electronic cloud and will not independently calculate the digital gold hashes, but will do the calculations jointly, which significantly enhances the capabilities of digital mining. The operation of home appliances is no different than standard home appliances. Chips with low power consumption are used, but they work together via the electronic cloud. This feature is optional and can be disabled. Midea Group describes the new home appliances as more economical, as the use of TVs and air conditioners for digital mining will enable consumers to earn income and even recover money for the purchase of home appliances. The authors of the invention offer most standard electrical household appliances, such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, etc., to be equipped with

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