Google Clip is an artificial intelligence camera

The smart home appliance only decides who and when to shoot. In addition to two flagship smartphones, Google has shown a few more innovative devices yesterday at its big event, the Google Clip artificial intelligence camera. This is an unusual device that is different from what's available on the market. The Clip is a smart camera that relies on a Moment IQ artificial intelligence system.
The task of Clip is to record short videos in certain situations. In particular, the camera is activated when faces known to it or domestic animals fall into the frame. Google places Clip above all as a home device. Obviously, the main scenario of use is the recording of children and animals - the most interesting of their everyday life when there are no adults. The camera will shoot the interesting moments completely alone. Of course, a manual shooting button is also provided, but it's more convenient to use a smartphone.
Clip has a 16GB flash memory that stores all the captured videos. Wireless modules, 3 hours stand-alone battery, USB-C port for charging, and a 130-degree zoom lens are available. The camera can record video at only 15 frames per second. It's compact - measuring 48.3x53.3 mm and running under Android 7.0 or later. The price of Google Clip is $ 250.

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